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Pet Health Diary

Vet visits can be stressful, especially when your pet is suffering from a major health issue. Providing details about your pet’s diet and medications, medical history, and frequency and severity of symptoms can help your vet provide the best possible care. Pet Health Diary is a pet tracker that allows you to create a linear log of your pet’s health events over time, so you can track symptoms and treatment, and share pet records with your vet.


Quickly record a note, photo, or video about your pet’s current condition, directly from your mobile device. Pet Health Diary automatically adds new entries to your pet’s diary, keeping them in one convenient place, and organizing them by date and time posted. Tag your notes with keywords, like #medicationdose, for easy tracking later. Add multimedia files to create a clear picture of your pet’s symptoms. And even create separate records for multiple pets, when you upgrade to Pet Health Diary Pro. Now, you can keep your pet’s vital information with you, wherever you are — and update it on the go, from anywhere. Pet tracking has never been easier.


Chart your pet’s progress with therapy, diet changes, medications, or other health treatments. Log daily exercise and weight changes. Keep track of medication dosing. And do it all quickly and easily, from your mobile device. Pet Health Diary helps you better understand the frequency of health-related events, note important changes in your pets’ health, spot trends, and stay on top of their care.


Share your pet’s health information with veterinarians, pet sitters, or other caregivers in seconds. Sharing accurate health records leads to better collaboration with your pet’s care providers — and, ultimately, better quality of care. Pet Health Diary is a veterinarian app that goes with you anywhere — even if you change vets.

You are your pet’s advocate

Every member of your family deserves good healthcare — including your pets. With Pet Health Diary, you’ll always have your pet’s vital information on hand. Whether you’re partnering with your vet to improve treatment, sending care instructions to your pet sitter, or reviewing health data to track your pet’s progress, Pet Health Diary makes managing your pet’s care easy.